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VW Audi Keys in Seattle

VW Audi keys can be made by Element Locksmith LLC.  Most people can’t believe that this can be done.  We have invested in the technology and training to make VW Audi keys.  We will arrive at your location within 30 minutes and make you a key from scratch right on the spot. When you lose VW Audi keys, the dealership is unable to help you on the same day because they have to order a specific key for your specific vehicle by VIN from the manufacturer.  This process takes 2 to 3 business days.  Furthermore, you will have to tow your vehicle to the dealership for them to program the key.  This is why several VW Audi dealerships work exclusively with Element Locksmith LLC, so you the customer, can avoid the frustration of having to wait several days for VW Audi keys to be made.

VW Audi Keys & Immobilizer

The VW Audi keys Immobilizer prevents an unauthorized person or car thief to jimmy the lock and start the vehicle.  The Immobilizer works in a simple way, if the vehicle detects an incorrect key or a foreign object trying to start the vehicle it will automatically cut the fuel delivery to the engine which will prevent the vehicle from starting.  Hence the importance of calling us to your location.  Upon arrival, our first goal is to figure out your  mechanical key cuts, which is the configuration of the pattern that is engraved into your key, this is called a laser cut key or high security key (both VW and Audi have been using this system since 1998).  Once we have the correct mechanical key cuts that turns your locks, we copy that key onto a micro chipped key.   After matching the correct key with the correct type of chip, we gain access to the vehicle computer via the OBD port and like every computer there is a password that protects the Immobilizer from unauthorized access.  Our professionally trained technicians use the most powerful diagnostic tools to gain access and program keys.  

VW Audi Keys & Remotes

In most cases VW Audi keys and remotes are 2 different brains.  One is the microchip part of the key that is programmed to the vehicle and is recognized by the Immobilizer to allow you to start the vehicle.  The other is the remote head, for example, the key can be programmed to the vehicle to start but the remote head will not lock and unlock the doors.  This means there are 2 different procedures that need to be performed for both the microchip part of the key and the remote head to work in concert.


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