Commercial Keypad Locks

Commercial Keypad Locks

Element Locksmith LLC provides commercial keypad door locks for your commercial property we highly recommend the well reputed and reliable locks made by Alarm Lock Systems.  We are an authorized re-seller and installer of Alarm Lock Systems products in the Seattle area.

Commercial Keypad Locks By Alarm Lock Solutions

For decades commercial keypad locks Alarm Lock Keypads have been the most reliable option for businesses for several reasons. First, reliability; it rarely malfunctions and if it does its due to vandalism not from normal wear and tear. Second, easy to operate and maintain; replacement of the battery and programming can be performed by the customer without the cost of a locksmith. This means that every time you have an employee change or an unfortunate burglary you can reprogram new codes and delete the old ones yourself. Third, parts and service; because of the popularity of this brand, replacement parts are readily available and easy to service. Fourth, cost of the product; this is a great value for a long lasting commercial keypad lock system.

Commercial Keypad Lock Applications

Commercial keypad locks are a  diverse product can be used in a variety of scenarios. Small businesses can avail themselves of its superb functionality due to the high employee turnover rate. Commercial enterprises that require an audit trial are also a good candidate for electronic keypad locks. Schools, universities, colleges, and hospitals require a product that can sustain hundreds if not thousands of daily users; an electronic keypad lock is the ideal solution.

Commercial Keypad Locks Common Functions

  • From outside always remain locked, requires a key to gain access.
  • From inside always unlocked.
  • From outside can be locked (requires a key) or unlocked (no key).
  • From inside a button that toggles between locked and unlocked.
  • Outside rigid (requires a key).
  • Inside turn handle (no key).

Other types of lock functions: passage, privacy, storeroom/closet lock, entrance/office lock, classroom lock, dead lock, apartment exit, hotel/motel, dormitory, entrance apartment, and entrance storeroom.
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