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Honda Ignition Problems - Key Will Not Turn

Honda ignition problems have been prevalent since Honda changed their conventional cut keys to high security key (also known as laser cut keys) in 2002. Before 2002 Honda used a standard key that is cut on both sides that can be copied by a conventional key cutting machine, like in a hardware store. The change to high security key was brought by the fact that Hondas were one of the most stolen cars in America. In 1998 Honda introduced a microchip that was embedded into the key to prevent unauthorized users to start the car. Upon detecting a foreign object or incorrect key the Immobilizer systems cuts the fuel delivery to the engine. In 2002, Honda upgraded to the high security laser cut key with a microchip embedded into it to prevent any kind of attempt to steal the vehicle.

Honda Ignition Problems - High Security Keys: Advantages & Disadvantages

Honda ignition problems are common.  The advantages to upgrading to a high security laser cut key with a microchip are obvious. First, reduces the probability of the car being stolen. Second, lowers the chances of someone duplicating your key at a local hardware store. There are also some minor disadvantages that can be minimized with proper maintenance. First, because the key tumblers are split and are half the size for high security keys, after years of usage, the key gradually wears out. Second, the tumblers eventually slip out of position and causes the ignition to lock. Both of these issues can be avoided with proper maintenance. Try to keep you ignition clean by spraying some electric cleanser or dust removal in the key slot. Also keep your car key on a separate key chain and not with the rest of your keys. Many times a heavy key chain misaligns the position of the key and gradually wears out the first tumblers.

Honda Ignition Problems Unlocking Your Steering Wheel

1. My Honda key will not go into the ignition.
It is likely that your Honda key is damaged.  Please do not force the key into the ignition, this will damage the ignition.  If your key can open and close the doors, you have an ignition issue.  If your key cannot open the doors, you have a key issue.

2. I cannot remove my Honda key from the ignition.
If automatic transmission, it is likely that your gear shift is not all the way in park.  Check if there are any objects obstructing the gear shift; turn the ignition to ON, shift the gear to drive and then firmly shift the gear to the park position, you will now be able to remove your key from the ignition.

3. My Honda key goes into the ignition but doesn’t turn – steering wheel is locked, no movement.
Sometimes this situation is due to parking on a hill, pressure builds on the wheels which is transferred to the steering wheel.  Try turning the steering wheel in the same direction of the wheels while turning the key into the ignition.  Again, please do not use excessive force, you will damage your ignition.

4. My Honda key goes into the ignition but doesn’t turn – steering wheel is unlocked, there is movement.
Do not turn the steering wheel, try spraying WD40 into the key slot and then try turning it again.

If you are unable to solve the above problems on your own, feel free to call us and will arrive at your location within 30 minutes.

Honda Ignition Problems – models and years affected

Honda S2000 ignition issues from 2004 to 2010
Honda Ridgeline key problems from 2006 to 2013
Honda Pilot ignition will not turn from 2003 t0 2013
Honda Odyssey key stuck in the ignition from 2003 to 2013
Honda Insight key sticks in ignition from 2005 to 2012
Honda Fit key will not work from 2007 to 2012
Honda Element ignition will not turn from 2003 to 2011
Honda CRV key will not turn from 2002 to 2013
Honda Crosstour steering wheel locked from 2010 to 2012
Honda Civic ignition problems from 2003 to 2013
Honda Accord key will not turn in ignition from 2003 to 2013

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Honda Ignition Problems Key Will Not Turn in Door Lock

If you have a similar issue where your Honda key will not turn your door lock, we can help as described above.  We carry the requisite tools and appropriate kits to rebuild your door lock to the key that matches to the rest of your car locks.




Honda Ignition Problems Visiting A Dealership

The dealership will simply replace the entire ignition unit (this compromises of the ignition cylinder lock and the ignition housing), this will result in you having two different keys.  One for the ignition (that needs to be programmed by the dealership with additional cost) and your old key for the remaining vehicle locks.  In the event you lose your ignition key, you cannot have a new key made for your ignition,  you will have to return to the dealership and repeat the entire process again, because the unit does not match the VIN.

Honda Ignition Problems Dealership vs. Seattle Locksmith

If you owned a Honda prior to 2002, you would be able to buy the ignition cylinder lock, because it was a separate piece from the ignition housing, which is what wraps around the steering column.  This made it easier and inexpensive to fix.  As mentioned above, Honda upgraded to a high security (laser cut) key beginning in 2002, this drastically changed the manner in which Honda ignitions are repaired.


Honda Ignition Problems Calling Seattle Locksmith

Honda ignition problems are something we see on an everyday basis.  One of our expert automotive locksmith technician will arrive at the vehicle’s location within 30 minutes thereby avoiding the hassle and expense of towing.  Upon arrival we will rebuild the ignition lock cylinder to manufacturer specification, with redesigned durable parts, this will spare you from having to replace the entire ignition unit as described in the dealership process above.  Furthermore, we will match the ignition cylinder lock with your original key, this way you will have one key for your ignition and your vehicle locks (avoiding the cost of reprogramming keys) and in the event that you lose your key, we can make you a key off your VIN without replacing your ignition cylinder lock.  Please note that we can also create and program spare keys for you on-site.



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