Door Frame Repair

Door Frame Repair

Door frame repair is usually thought of after the damage has been done.  One of the most common methods of breaking into a home is kicking in the door, unlike the movies where thieves take the time and patience to pick the lock with fancy high-tech tools.  The average door lock and jamb is installed by the contractor at the end of the construction period in a rush to finish the job and minimize cost.  Usually the standard the door strike plate is installed with 1″ screws which is insufficient to prevent kick-ins.  The Door Jamb Armor product is a great solution for home and business door frame repair.

Door Frame Repair Misconceptions

An alarm system is a good start, but on its own it is not preventative.  An alarm goes off when an intruder is already in your home. Furthermore, many police departments have cut back on responding to alarm calls due to a overwhelming number of false alarms.  To sum up, an alarm system is a something that should be considered in conjunction with other forms of preventative security.

Another common misconception is that having a deadbolt is enough to keep you safe from burglars.  The standard door frame offers very little protection because after the hole for the deadbolt has been drilled only 5/8″ remains.  Moreover, most contractors use pine wood which is very soft and significantly cheaper.  A deadbolt can be effective if the door frame is reinforced with a door jamb installation.

Door Frame Repair Recommendation

As locksmith professionals we highly recommend every residence to reinforce their doors with a door jamb installation.  This involves using longer screws that tie into the door frame/structure of the home thereby preventing forced entry. The doorjamb armor product is ideal for repairing doors which have been damaged by forced entry and if you are considering installing it simply as a preventative security measure.

A quick cost effective door frame repair is to use 4″  long screws that will tie your deadbolt strike plate to the door frame.