Seattle High Security Locks

Seattle High Security Locks

Seattle High Security Locks, most people have a false sense of security because they see a lock on their door. Having a lock on your door does not deter burglars from intruding on to your property. The average lock that comes with your home or business is not equipped to deter or prevent a burglary. The strike plate on your door frame is held together by a half inch screw that is tied into a half inch piece of wood. The standard doorjamb and lock are not designed to prevent forced entry and will simply fail with faced with an intruder. Most standard doors will crack open with one kick by an intruder. Unfortunately YouTube has thousands of videos demonstrating how to pick a lock with a bump key. The feeling of vulnerability  after an intrusion is traumatic but can be avoided if you plan ahead.

Seattle High Security Locks Residential

Seattle High Security Locks, installing a high security lock affords you peace of mind and avoids you having to deal with lost valuables, insurance headaches, and potential injuries. The rewards outweigh the one time cost to purchase and install the hardware. Most break-ins take less then 5 minutes and common stolen items include iPhones, tablets, laptops, and jewelry. Recently identity theft has been on the rise for people with good credit. Potential intruders can easily ascertain valuable information such as your social security number, Wifi login and password, and credit card numbers from your home office or unopened mail that is normally left on kitchen counters or next to the front door.

Seattle High Security Locks Commercial

Seattle High Security Locks, all businesses should strongly consider installing high security locks to protect valuable inventory, personnel information, and to comply with insurance or lease requirements. Over the years we have received numerous calls from panicked mangers who arrive at their business in the morning and find that they have been burglarized. Don’t be a statistic, businesses can avoid this problem by installing a high security key lock. The best part of installing a high security lock is that employees cannot make copies. This is a major advantage for businesses that have a high turnover of employees. Contact us today a free security consultation by a member of our commercial locksmith team .

Seattle High Security Locks Line of Products

Seattle High Security Locks, we carry, service, re-key, and install Medco, Schlage, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA products, Kwikset, Best and many other product lines that you may need. We also service, provide, and install doorjamb products and reinforcement kits.