Lock Rekey Seattle

Lock Rekey Seattle

What does rekeying a lock mean? Lock rekeying is a cost effective solution to secure your premises (home or business) in case of lost, stolen or if you lost track of your keys. It allows you to rekey/re-core your existing hardware without having to replace it. Convenience is another advantage of rekeying. For example, if you have multiple keys for your home or business you can rekey the locks to match one key and avoid the hassle of multiple keys and keeping track of all of them.

Lock Rekey – Master

What is a master rekey? A master rekey is an option you have to control multiple locks with one key. For example, in an office setting the manager would have a key that opens all the locks but each employee will have a key that only opens his/her lock. In a residential setting the same is applicable; you have a key that opens all the locks in your home but your cleaning lady, gardener, or baby sitter have keys that can only open the lock which you grant them access to. This saves you the time and hassle of only having to re-key that one lock instead of all locks in the event you hire someone new.

Lock Rekey – Rules

First,  you can save time and money if you already have a working key because the labor involved to rekey a lock without a working key is more time consuming. Second, you can match keys from the same brand or key wave as long as the key for one lock fits into the other, if not, you will have need separate keys. Third, some locks are designed to be rekeyed by the homeowner: Kwikset Smartkey and Schlage +. Unfortunately, in practice this is not the case because most homeowners have lost the instructions or simply don’t have the patience do it and to make matters worse if you lose the keys, the locks are completely useless and must be replaced because they cannot be rekeyed.