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Bellevue is the main coverage area of Element Locksmith LLC, a licensed and bonded locksmith company.  Bellevue, Washington is consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in America. Our schools, safety, amenities, and shopping are incredible. Despite our status, we still need to be careful when it comes to our locks.

We can help you with both regular services and urgent locksmith situations.

Emergency Locksmith Services in Bellevue

An automotive emergency locksmith situation can be: losing your key at the shopping mall, getting your key stuck in the ignition, losing your key at a friend’s party, or locking yourself out of the car. We can help you in each of these situations.

residential emergency locksmith situation can be: locking yourself out of your house, arriving at your home and realizing that the locks have been burglarized, or misplacing your house keys. Again, we can help you in all of these situations.

commercial emergency locksmith situation can be having an employee change at the end of the day and needing your locks rekeyed before the start of business the following day. We are available to help you seven days a week, no matter the time or the day.

Automotive Locksmith Services in Bellevue

The most common misconception is that only a dealership can make you a new car key. At Element Locksmith our team of expert technicians can arrive at your location within 30 minutes and make you any key on the spot from scratch that will work on your ignition and all your locks. For example, if you have a Honda key that won’t turn in the ignition.  

Calling us will save you time and money. Imagine if you had to coordinate with the dealership. First, you would need to have your car towed to the dealership. Second, you would need to schedule an appointment. Third, you would need to wait a couple of days. Fourth, you would need to pay premium dealership prices.

Experts for Car Lockout

We know a car lockout is a situation you want to resolve as soon as possible. You might be stuck on the road in Bellevue unable to continue, and you need to arrive at an important meeting. We also understand if you are honest and tell us that you want to get home to relax as soon as possible.

The task of Element Locksmith is to resolve your car lockout issue as soon as possible. You can call us seven days a week from 7 AM to 11 PM, and we will be ready to help.

We provide unbeatable experience, skills, and equipment for locksmith services. Thanks to that combination, there is no issue we cannot handle. Did you lose car keys, or left them inside your vehicle? Our technicians will find a way to enter in a safe and non-intrusive way.

If we estimate that it is necessary, we might replace your ignition or the lock on your vehicle. We will do that only if it is necessary. No need to worry because you will receive replacement keys on the spot so that you can get on with your journey

Locksmith Bellevue for Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is a labor of love. Keeping it maintained, cleaning it, and making sure that you can take a ride whenever you want is key to your motorcycle happiness. The most common situation we encounter is during springtime. Most motorcycle owners store their bikes during the winter. When that warm spring day arrives, they rush to their bikes, hoping to take her out for a beautiful ride under the sun. However, they can’t find their keys.

We can help you make spare keys so you won’t encounter this problem.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Bellevue

Running a business requires efficiency, coordination, and organization. The most common commercial locksmith situation revolves around an employee change. This stressful situation leaves managers and supervisors scrambling to maintain security, stability, and order. The next business day must happen, and you need to make sure that your security is not compromised.

We have the expertise and talent to help you with your rekeying job. We also offer free consultations to help you avoid situations in the future. For example, if you have many employees coming in and out different doors, we suggest you install an electronic keypad lock. The advantages are numerous.

First, the system is easy to use, and you can program new codes and remove old codes in seconds. Second, the system allows you to keep track of who is entering what door, and at what time, this is called an audit trail. Third, the system is easy to maintain and eliminates the cost and stress of calling a locksmith to rekey your locks every time there’s an employee change.

Why Is Occasional Re-Keying Essential for a Commercial Facility?

As a business owner, you are the one responsible for everything happening in your company, and security is one of those areas.  You might have recently installed the locks, and you are confident they can do a good job in protecting your offices from unwanted access.

While that may be true, you can never be too safe, which is why it is essential to do occasional re-keying. Let’s cover some of the situations when it is recommended to re-key your commercial locks:

  • Somebody recently got fired – or they quit, but the point is that they have access to the office. Rekeying your locks will ensure that they don’t abuse the fact you trusted them with a key.
  • It’s been a while since you last re-keyed the locks – safety experts recommend doing this now and then to keep the safety at the highest level. That especially applies to areas with sensitive documents, or offices with extremely valuable assets.
  • You moved into a new facility – entering a new facility is a time of success for your business, and you should celebrate it. However, you should also ensure that the safety in the new building is at the maximum level. That is why you should install new locks, and rest assured the previous users don’t have working keys anymore.

If you are a user or owner of a commercial facility throughout Bellevue, Element Locksmith can help you with all your locksmith needs. We are proud of working with many small and medium businesses in keeping their locks and security systems in place.

Our team provides regular maintenance and efficient repair of locks on your commercial facility. We have experts that can also help to suggest new solutions if you are interested in improving the security of your structure. In short, we are the only partner you need when it comes to locksmith and security services!

Keeping Your Bellevue Home Safe & Secure

Element Locksmith’s tip: Investing in fancy and expensive security systems when your locks and doors are weak or manufacturer-installed is a waste of time and money. Your home is only as safe as your door and locks. If an intruder can simply kick the door in, the security system may capture him but will not prevent the burglary. We suggest considering installing a doorjamb armor kit. This will fortify your door and greatly reduce the chances of an intruder having the ability to kick in your door with ease. Some other tips to consider: do not leave your house or car keys next to your front door, make sure that your neighbors know when you are traveling, do not post exact dates of when you will be out of town on social media, and be sure not to put out large ticket item boxes on the curb days before the pickup date.

Tips for Improving the Safety of Your Home

You might leave in a safe neighborhood, but the truth is that a house can never be too safe. That is why you should do everything it takes to skyrocket your home security to the highest level. Check out some tips on how to do that!

Never Leave Your Keys Unattended

The same rules apply to both residential and business properties. If you own the key to a structure, you should always take it with you. Even in the situation when they are not on you, the keys should be in a place where no one could find them but you.

You can’t risk leaving your keys unattended because someone might use even a single moment to steal them.

Lost Your Keys? Consider an Emergency to Replace the Locks!

If you don’t know where your keys are, the chances are you have lost them. Who knows, maybe you left them in the restaurant where you were dining or dropped them while walking the street.

You might have a spare set, but having keys on the loose is not good news for your home safety. It is essential that you consider the situation an emergency and call Element Locksmith to your location in Bellevue.

Our experts can replace the lock and create a new set of keys. That will be the only way to make sure that nobody will find and misuse the stolen key to break into your apartment.

Place Locks Wherever You Consider Them Necessary

Do you have a garage that can be accessed from both the inside and the outside? Has your gate lock been bothering you lately, and you decided to keep it unlocked the entire time?

Element Locksmith is an expert for all types of locks. We will start by securing your main entrance with a top-quality locksmith solution, but that is not where we stop.

Our team can also set up garage, gate, and other locks to maximize your home’s security. Yes, we can install mailbox locks, too. You may trust your neighbors not to read your mail, but is that a smart move if you only moved to the area? It’s not like you have anything to hide, but knowing that someone reads your mail is unpleasant, which is why your mailbox needs a lock!

Left Your Keys with a Neighbor While on Vacation?

Believe it or not, this is also a safety hazard. If you were on vacation and left the keys to your Bellevue home with a neighbor, you should change the locks when you come back.

We are not saying that you shouldn’t trust your neighbors, but it is an approach that will guarantee maximum home safety. The security of your property may be compromised each time when you are not certain about your keys’ whereabouts. It is better to be on the safe side and replace the locks to sleep safely at night!

What Is the Process of Hiring Element Locksmith?

Those who don’t have plenty of experience with locksmiths might wonder about the process of hiring a professional and resolving their issue. Here are the details about our transparent and efficient process.

  1. Give us a call to talk to a qualified locksmith expert. We are available every day of the week from 7 AM, and up to 11 PM. That means our phone line is there for you whether there is a weekend emergency, or you need us during the week.
  2. We will ask you about the locksmith issue you have. That basic information will help us to determine what you are facing with, and how can we solve it. We firmly believe we can tackle any locksmith problem out there. Our qualified expert will provide a free estimated quote.
  3. As soon as we agree, a professional locksmith technician will head your way. Element Locksmith uses reliable vans filled with locksmith equipment and tool. Thanks to that, we can reach any location throughout Bellevue in no more than 30 minutes. Don’t worry because we know the area inside and out, and we will have no problems finding your location!
  4. The technician will take a look at your problem and diagnose the issue. They will take time to suggest and explain potential steps to resolve the problem, and they will be ready to answer any question you might have.
  5. Once you confirm that you want us to go through with the repair, our staff starts working on the issue. We are proud of our team’s efficiency and reliability. Our company firmly believes that we can do the job right every time.
  6. Once the job is completed, we will part ways with a friendly greeting. During the entire process, we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations. Hundreds of satisfied clients in the area are the best indicator that we are doing our job right.

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