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Infiniti Key Replacement Cost in Seattle

If you are reading this page, you either lost or are in need of an Infiniti Remote Key. Element Locksmith has the experience and skills to cut and program a brand new Infiniti Remote Key at a time and location of your convenience. This will eliminate the cost, time, and hassle involved in having your car towed to the dealership. Most locksmiths do not make Infiniti Remote Keys because of the cost of stocking the inventory and having the equipment to program the key. Fortunately, we are proud to inform you that Element Locksmith has the ability and equipment to solve your problem and offer you Infiniti key replacement at a cost you can afford.


Feel free to review some of our Infiniti related articles below for more information:

    Emergency Infiniti Locksmith Services

    Whether you locked your keys in the trunk or have lost your keys altogether we can help. If you do not have a trunk release we can either make a metal key to open the trunk or we have an endoscope that we can use to see into your trunk to fish the keys out. Here at Element Locksmith we deal with all kinds of lockouts on a daily basis and get you back into your quickly so you can enjoy the rest of your day.

    Lost keys can frustrate us all and with newer model Infiniti models you used to have to get your vehicle towed to the dealership to get new keys made. Element Locksmith is one of the only locksmith services in Seattle that can come out to your location to cut and program new keys for your car. Even if it is a new smart proximity key we can get you taken care of quickly and professionally.

    Emergency services we provide for Infiniti Owners:

    • Lost key replacement
    • All keys lost situation
    • Adding keys
    • Key generation from scratch
    • Key cloning
    • Spare keys
    • Immobilizer reset
    • Lockouts
    • Trunk lockouts
    • Ignition repair
    • Ignition replacement
    • Ignition rebuild
    • Ignition rekey
    • Key extractions
    • Door lock rekey
    • Door lock repair
    • Door lock replacement
    • Trunk lock replacement
    • Trunk lock repair
    • Trunk lock rekey

    Infiniti Key Programming

    Ininiti keys have changed over the years along with most of the automotive industry. Smart Proximity keys are the new trend and we have the programmers to get the job done! If you have lost all of your keys we can reset your immobilizer so that way your lost keys will no longer be able to start your car! This is one of the biggest and most effective anti-theft measures!

    We are able to program the following Audi Key and System types:

    Key Types:

    • High security
    • Transponder keys
    • Micro-chipped keys
    • Smart proximity keys
    • Remote key Fobs
    • Remote flip keys
    • Remotehead key
    • Anti-theft key

    Programming Types:

    • ODB Programming
    • Transponder Key Programming
    • Key Fob Programming
    • Smart Proximity Key Programming

    Infiniti Key Types

    Infiniti key types have followed the trend of the changing automotive industry. Side cut keys are becoming a thing of the past and Infiniti is no exception. Most models of Infiniti now are either smart proximity keys or high security transponder keys. With the influx of anti-theft keys it is becoming increasingly difficult to steal vehicles! Element Locksmith is a proud member of the National Automotive Service Task Force and can legally run key codes to make keys for your Infiniti!

    We stock the following Audi key types:

    • Mechanical keys
    • Transponder keys
    • Laser cut keys
    • Remote flip keys
    • Smart Keys
    • Proximity keys
    • Key fobs
    • Keyless fobs
    • Remotehead keys
    • Speciality keys
    • Classic Audi model keys

    Infiniti Key Cutting

    Automotive keys are important to have cut correctly. Taking them to one of the key duplication kiosks that don’t have an actual technician there can actually produce keys that will damage your ignition. A lot of them are also aluminum and if you are using them often they can wear down and break after only 6 months! Give Element Locksmith a call and we can have one of our professional locksmith technicians come out to your location to make you new keys the right way!

    We can cut the following Infiniti Keys:

    • Mechanical side cut keys
    • High security/Laser cut keys
    • Emergency keys

    We can make Infiniti keys for the following models:

    • EX35
    • FX35
    • FX37
    • FX45
    • FX50
    • G20
    • G25
    • G35 Coupe
    • G35 Sedan
    • G37
    • I30
    • I35
    • J30
    • JX
    • M30
    • M35
    • M37
    • M45
    • M56
    • Q40
    • Q45
    • Q50
    • Q60
    • Q70
    • QX4
    • QX30
    • QX50
    • QX56
    • QX60
    • QX70
    • QX80


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