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West Seattle Locksmith

Our expert West Seattle locksmith technicians are available to help with any locksmith problem that happens in our area. We know the neighborhood and locksmithing in and out. It doesn’t matter what type of the locksmithing problem you deal with, we are confident that we can solve it in no time.

Automotive Locksmith

West Seattle locksmith is the leading Auto locksmith in Seattle.If you need a new car key or your ignition lock is damaged for any reason, we can assist you. All you need to is to call us and describe your problem so that we can determine which of our professionals to send out to your location.

For example, if you need a high-security key made for your car, we will send a locksmith specialist that is trained and carries the proper tools and machinery in order to cut and program you a working high-security key for your car.

Each situation requires a different set of skills and we want to make sure we send out the right guy for the job, and avoid time-consuming inconveniences. Please make sure to provide us with as much information regarding your car-locksmith situation.

Auto locksmith services we provide are the following: high-security keys, laser cut keys, microchip key, vats keys, conventional keys, ignition repair, new ignition install, unlocking, re-key car keys and much more.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

Problems with ignition in your vehicle are quite common, especially if your vehicle is several years old. It may happen slowly, and you might notice that it is not as easy to turn the keys in your ignition as before. That is the first sign that your ignition needs repair, or it has to be replaced.

You can call Element Locksmith, and we will determine what the best course of action is at the site. Our team is efficient and experienced, and we will go the extra mile to fix your current ignition. In some cases, however, that is not the smartest thing to do, and we won’t hesitate to replace the lock then. You shouldn’t worry because you will get a completely new ignition, as well as a set of new keys. That way, you will invest in the future, and ensure everything will work properly for years to come.

Emergency Locksmith

It was a sunny beautiful day in August. Our clients were going for a long run on Alki Beach. They left their wallets and IDs in the car and took their spare key with them in the running shorts. By the time they got back to the car they realized they lost their key.

They decided to call the best West Seattle Locksmith, and we arrived at the location within 30 minutes. We created the key from scratch on site, and our customers were able to go home quickly.

As you may assume, we have numerous stories like this. We are not bragging, but we want you to know that you can count on us if you need urgent locksmith series throughout the area.

Why You Should Choose Us for Emergency Lockout Services

There is a reason why it is called an emergency. That means you urgently need a service, and in this case, that person is a locksmith. Now, you never know when you might face a lockout. For example, you may be returning from work late only to realize that you left your keys in the office. There is no way of coming back now because the building is locked and finding an emergency locksmith in West Seattle is your only solution.

Whether you can’t enter your home, or you are facing a vehicle lockout, Element Locksmith is there for you seven days a week. We are working from early morning at 7 AM up to 11 PM in the evening, and you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us for all types of emergency services.

Let’s make an overview of the reasons that you may consider when choosing a locksmith:

  • Quick and efficient – our team will ensure to arrive at any location throughout West Seattle within 30 minutes of your call. Additionally, we won’t take a single moment more of your time than necessary, which means we will be efficient in providing the service.
  • Reliable and experienced – did you know that our staff has over a decade of experience in the business? Aside from that, we have all the necessary qualifications needed to tackle even the most complex locksmith problem. Whether you need us to duplicate a key, or install the entire access control system, we are the right choice for you.
  • Modern tools and equipment – we have state-of-the-art locksmith tools and we are not afraid to use them! Our company believes that it is important to keep up with technology and industry trends. That is why we make sure to use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that we can find the best and quickest solution to your problem.
  • Competitive prices – we won’t say that we are the cheapest out there because we can never be 100% sure of that. What we believe is that our service needs to provide a great value for money. That means we will meet your expectations in terms of quality and the efficiency. On top of that, we give our best to provide competitive prices, and we firmly believe you will find our rates acceptable!
  • Customer friendly service – at Element Locksmith, we believe in treating every client with maximum respect. That is why you can expect us to be polite, and have a smile throughout the entire process. We are ready to answer any question you might have, and guide you through every step of the locksmith service you need.

Residential Locksmith

Our clients had gone to Mexico on a one-week vacation. They posted their travel plans on social media and put out their garbage the day before they left. Unfortunately, they returned home and found that their home was burglarized.

They had to resort to various steps to improve the safety of their home, and one of them was to call Element Locksmith. We helped by rekeying all the locks, and installing doorjamb armors to reinforce the doors. Our clients were relieved and happy that we were able to help them so quickly.

This is only a single story of many that our clients can tell. The crucial takeaway is that we can help you take the security of your home in the West Seattle to the next level.

How Can Element Locksmith Help Homeowners?

The list of services that we can do for residential homes is a long one, and it includes lock installation and repair, lock rekeys, door frame repair and reinforcement, and many other services.

Lock Installation and Repair

Are you building your home from scratch? In that case, you will need an expert to install the locks to ensure they will serve you for a long time. In other words, you need an experienced and reliable locksmith, and that is precisely what we provide.

Our experts will be there to suggest the right choice for your lock so that your security would be at the highest level. We will also handle the entire installation process efficiently and effortlessly, and offer a price that will be a great value for the money.

Apart from setting up new locks, Element Locksmith can also replace and repair existing ones. If you have a problem with your lock, such as not being to get the key out easily, you should contact us as soon as possible. That way, you will ensure to prevent a small issue from becoming a big problem. Our expert technicians will handle the repair quickly and your lock will be as good as new in no time.

If necessary, we can even replace your locks. That can be done in the cases when the lock is beyond repair, or when you want to replace it for safety reasons.

Apart from the locks on your homes, we are also experts in mailbox, fence, gate, garage, and any other locks and doors.

A Master Key

If you are aware of the master key concept, the advantages of using it would be pretty obvious. In short, a master key is a single key that can open as many rooms as you would like. It is incredibly useful if you lock your basement, attic, or any other room in the house. Using a single master key saves you from looking for the right key every time you are in front of a lock, which will be a huge time-saver.

Additionally, it is a huge space saver because you do not have to wear a bunch of keys in your pocket or purse. It may be useful for landlords that have tenants, and want to ensure that they can only access some of the rooms of the house while not being able to enter others.

Commercial Locksmith

Our client was a small business owner located in the Junction on Admiral. Every week she found herself hiring and letting go of new employees. Each time this happened, she had to rekey the locks, and she didn’t hesitate to experiment with different locksmith.

It was by accident how she discovered that Element Locksmith is available in West Seattle. We managed to meet and exceed her expectations throughout the entire process. Everything started with our quick arrival at the destination. Our expert locksmith technician recommended that she installs an electronic keypad instead of a regular lock.

An electronic keypad has numerous advantages. First, you don’t need to call a locksmith each time you have an employee change, you can simply add or remove passwords within seconds. Second, electronic keypad comes with an audit trail, this enables the manager or owner to see when employee enters and exits the premises and takes their breaks. Third, the system is easy to manage and rarely breaks down.  Our client enthusiastically accepted our recommendation and we were able to install three electronic keypads for her business.

The Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems enable a high level of access control while being incredibly convenient. That is their biggest advantage over standard keys. If you think of it, it is quite logical why they are such a great choice.

For starters, keyless systems eliminate the need for actual keys, which makes them easy to carry around. Additionally, a single card can open multiple rooms or areas, but you can choose which areas you would like it to open. You do the entire programming via software, which means you can choose different card levels.

If you are the business owner, your key card may have access to all building facilities. But your employees may only be granted access to the office they work in, archives, and any other rooms that are needed for them to do their work. You can set up as many tiers as you like, which is incredibly convenient to keep safety at a maximum level. In case any of your employees loses their keys or gets fired, rekeying everything is far simpler that with standard keys.

Additionally, a keyless entry system keeps track of all entrances to the building and exits from it. As a result, you will know when your employees arrived to work, as well as when they left the building. It is an excellent way of keeping track if someone left work earlier, or determine that you should award an employee for extra effort.

Motorcycle locksmith

West Seattle locksmith can make your motorcycle keys anywhere you are. We remember clients that were taking the ferry from West Seattle to Vashon Island. They parked their motorcycle on the ferry and went upstairs to have a snack and enjoy the view.

Upon arriving at their destination, they realized they couldn’t find the key! Unfortunately, they were unable to get off the ferry and waited for the next one to return to West Seattle. They called West Seattle locksmith to speed up the process, and we were already waiting when they arrived. Our expert motorcycle Locksmith technician was able to get on board make them a new key from scratch and save the day!

Everything You Need for Your Motorcycle Locks

Professional locksmiths are aware that it can be tricky to handle motorcycle locks. We don’t want to burden you with technicalities, but you should know that changing motorcycle locks can be tricky. However, Element Locksmith makes that possible! We work with all the major makes and models of motorcycles, such as Yamaha, Suzuki, and dozen others.

Our team of professionals can help you regardless of the type of locksmith service you need. Do you want us to extract the key that got stuck in the ignition? Perhaps you need to replace the ignition, or you are facing a lockout? Whatever your problem is, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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If you want to reach us even quicker, you can call us over the phone! We are ready to reply and come to your way in the shortest possible time-frame!

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