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Locksmith Kirkland WA

Ensuring that you have a reliable locksmith is vital when you are looking for a top-quality lock for your car, home, or office. Element Locksmith can handle all your vehicle, residential, commercial, and emergency locksmithing needs. We are at your disposal if you live in the great Washington State city of Kirkland. This grand city is great for enjoying the gorgeous waterfront and taking advantage of the superb Kirkland Arts Center; however, it is still a major city (the 12th largest in Washington), which is why you need to dedicate maximum attention to the security of your assets. Kirkland, Washington has a superb locksmith company that provides car locksmith services; this company is called Element Locksmith, LLC.

Car Locksmith Kirkland WA

We provide our customers with these services: replacement of car keys, re-keying car locks, removing broken keys from ignition or lock, replacement of car ignition, and providing high-security car keys. We specialize in servicing many different makes and models such as Jaguar, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Audi, VW, and so much more!

Did Your Key Break in the Ignition?

Everything seemed normal when you entered your car and assumed your driver seat. However, once you placed the key in the ignition and tried to turn it, it broke. For the things to be worse, you are now left with a piece of the key in the ignition, and there is no way to get it out.

Towing your car to the nearest dealership will cost you a lot of money, and waste precious time you might not have. If you want to ensure to be back on the road as soon as possible, your best bet is to call Element Locksmith.

We have a team of experts that has handled numerous locksmith-related ignition issues. Even if you think you have a complex problem, there is not a challenge we won’t accept and solve successfully! You can give us a call from any location in Kirkland WA, and a technician will come your way in the shortest possible time-frame. We give our best that you don’t wait for us for longer than 30 minutes!

Once we are on the spot, we will use professional tools and our knowledge and experience to solve your problem. In some cases, we will manage to do it without having to replace the ignition, but if that is necessary, our team will ensure to do it quickly. You will also get a set of new keys on the spot, and you will be able to continue your journey!

Residential Locksmith Kirkland WA

In Kirkland, Washington, a good locksmith company that services residential areas is one that provides you with these services: repairing locks, replacing locks and installing new locks in your residence. A great locksmith company will provide those services while also providing you with new keys, repairing of keys, taking broken keys out of locks, and assisting you with lockouts. Element Locksmith, LLC is such a locksmith company, we provide you with a multitude of services to completely satisfy all the needs you have for your home!

What Residential Locksmith Services You May Need?

The most popular service our clients in Kirkland WA need it to replace their locks and make new keys that they can use. The reasons for replacing the locks may vary, but the customers often decide to change them to improve security.

Clients call us when they lose one of their keys, and they are afraid someone might abuse them to break into their home. Some homeowners are very responsible, and they change their locks every several years for optimal safety. Others are looking for a different lock type to take security to the next level. In some cases, the current lock may be old or outdated, and the customers want a modernized solution.

Either way, Element Locksmith is there to ensure that all your locksmith needs are handled efficiently. We have years of experience with different locks, and we can do a quick job in removing them and installing new ones.

Our company is ready to offer modern and high-quality locks for your residential properties. Qualified experts will handle the installation, and we will make your new keys on the spot.

Commercial Locksmith Kirkland WA

Another Kirkland, Washington locksmith need is commercial locksmithing, which will provide your business or company with locksmith services. Our company will provide your business with a master key system, re-keying locks, lock repair, panic bars, door closer, exit devices, padlocks, remove broken keys, and many other great services. So, you and all your employees can securely concentrate on working with the knowledge that you are completely protected by our locks!

Why Are Business Owners Going Keyless?

You probably heard of access control systems, and you have surely seen them in real life or movies. This keyless solution has become incredibly popular for commercial properties. It seems that more business owners are jumping on board and installing a keyless access system.

Not only this system is more convenient and takes the building safety to the next level, but it also gives plenty of adjustment freedom to the business owner. Let’s say that you have several dozen employees that have different job positions and offices. You wouldn’t want an assistant to walk into the executive room, even if it is by accident.

Using a keycard system allows you to set different access tiers for your employees. For example, everyone may be able to enter the building, but only the selected few can enter the boardroom. It is up to you to choose which employees can access which areas. Each person will get a unique keycard that they will use to enter the rooms that they are allowed to access.

A keyless system also makes things easier if an employee quits as you can easily reset everything, and there is no need to replace locks, which you would probably have to do if you used standard keys.

The Master Key Concept

We assume you know how master keys work, but a reminder can’t hurt. Let’s imagine an office building with many different rooms. Each of these rooms will have a lock and an individual key that opens it. However, a professional locksmith can also help you to design a master key, which can open all these rooms.

It is an incredibly convenient solution because you do not have to bring a bunch of keys wherever you go. Instead, you only need a single key to access the entire building.

Using a master key is a popular solution for commercial properties primarily for its convenience, but also because of incredible affordability. It can also be a suitable choice for property managers that are in charge of buildings with many tenants.

If you are looking for a reliable master key installer, look no further than Element Locksmith LLC. The only thing you need to do is to give us a call and explain your problem. We will ensure to send a knowledgeable technician equipped with the right tools. Thanks to our huge experience and expertise, it will be a piece of cake to install a new master key system. We can also help you come up with any other solution that might fit your organization’s needs better!

Emergency Locksmith Kirkland WA

Element Locksmith, LLC also provides you with excellent emergency locksmith services. We will fix lockouts from your car, home, and business. Element Locksmith, LLC will replace your car keys and other keys that have been lost or stolen. These services also include re-keying, key changing, and key repairing for any auto, residential, and commercial needs. Our company provides Kirkland residents with excellent and reliable locksmith services with a satisfaction guarantee policy!

What Makes a Locksmith Situation Urgent?

No official definition exists when it comes to what exactly constitutes an emergency locksmith situation. However, if we at Element Locksmith had to define it, we would say that it is any occasion when you need locksmith services urgently.

It can be an obviously urgent situation when someone has broken into your apartment, and you need to replace all the locks as soon as possible. However, it can also be an emergency from your point of view – for example; you need to rekey your office locks because one of the employees got fired, and they haven’t returned the key.

Here is an overview of a situation that can be considered as an emergency in the job of a locksmith:

  • A car lockout – you exited your vehicle but realized that your keys stayed inside. There is no way to open the vehicle now, and you need to continue your journey as soon as possible.
  • Home or office lockout – a lockout can happen in commercial properties, although it is more common in apartments and other residential structures.
  • You lost your keys – there is no way to be sure who found your keys, and how they plan to use them. It is why you should urgently change the locks.

How to Choose an Emergency Locksmith

Unfortunately, many people in Kirkland WA call themselves locksmiths even though they can’t do a lot more than duplicate keys. They might be able to do a good job if that is what you need. However, if you have a complex locksmith problem, you want a reliable expert.

Here are some tips on how you can choose an emergency locksmith:

  • Qualifications and skills – first of all, they need to have the necessary qualifications and skills to do the job. You don’t want someone who only calls themselves a locksmith, but doesn’t have any actual knowledge!
  • Experience – when it comes to emergencies, it is always better to have an experienced locksmith on your side. The chances have they already faced the type of problem you have, which guarantees they can help.
  • Quickness – they will need to arrive at your destination in Kirkland WA quickly. The general rule is that you shouldn’t have to wait for longer than 30 minutes. Once they come to the location, they also need to do their job quickly. The best locksmiths won’t waste your time!

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, punctual, and efficient locksmith, you should call Element Locksmith today! We have a team of experts that will do the job right the first time and ensure to be quick. On top of that, our locksmiths are always smiling as we believe in friendliness and respectful behavior toward our clients.

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Once you see how Element Locksmith handles lock-related projects, you will never think about hiring another locksmith again! We are dedicated to providing 100% customer satisfaction, and we are willing to go the extra mile to achieve that goal!

That means we will be there for you throughout the entire stage. You can send us an e-mail, but the quickest way to contact us is over the phone.

From the moment you call us, we will be ready to answer your every question. Whether you want to know what is the best solution for your particular situation, or you ask us to tell you about our previous experience, we will be at your service.

Even when we arrive at your location in Kirkland WA, we will make sure to explain all the steps that we plan to take to complete the project or resolve your locksmith issue. Our team will be there to answer any question you might have, and we will ensure to communicate with you throughout the entire process!



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