Hollow Metal Doors


Protect your business with hollow metal doors 

What Is Hollow Metal Doors?

A hollow metal door is a commercial grade door that is manufactured from 16 or 18 gauge steel and reinforce in critical structural areas to provide stiffness and durability to the door.

The hollow part of the door is typically filled with insulated materials.

Advantages of Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors provide a lot of different types of advantages over your standard doors here are just a few examples.

– steel doors offer superior protection against burglaries and vandals

– steel doors can be fire rated

– steel doors are energy efficient

– steel doors can accommodate any type of hardware

– steel doors are low maintenance



Hollow metal doors

Provides superior protection against wear and tear vandals and burglaries

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Burglary resistance, fire resistant,


Steel doors can accommodate all types of commercial hardware to complete your door installation

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Glass kit

Multiple size options for glass kit inserts

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Element Locksmith Hollow Metal Doors 

Security is quintessential to any commercial building, given the risk a security threat poses to its reputation as a brand. Hollow metal doors and frames are the first choice of businesses for their superior finish, durability, and lightweight and stylish look. Undoubtedly, they make a viable option for both interiors and exteriors. Element Locksmith is a reputable supplier of hollow metal doors and frames. Get the top products from top manufacturers that meet your project requirements while providing durability and heat resistance. 

You can trust our expert door installation technicians to install all types of hollow metal doors in your commercial property that last years or even decades. Installation is fast and easy. Licensed door technicians do the installation work in an efficient and professional way.

High-quality metal doors come with an array of benefits, from durability to aesthetics, fire safety to security. With hollow metal doors installed in your location, you can expect uniform quality and security and need not worry about weathering because steel is not as prone to weather elements as wood. 

Structural Security

Metal doors are highly secure entrances that are not easy to dent or destroy. High-quality locks secure these steel doors further, making them an ideal choice for retail outlets, offices, healthcare facilities, schools, and convention centers. 

Multiple options

You can order from a range of gauges and styles. There are doors that come with a high fire rating.

Low Maintenance

Only little maintenance is needed to maintain the structural integrity of metal doors, which can easily withstand environmental factors. Humidity, sudden weather changes, and fluctuating temperatures do not do a lot of damage to metal doors. 


Since weather does not do too much damage to metal doors, these are highly durable and last a long time.


These are energy efficient installations, thanks to their layered design that makes them a great addition to a commercial building entrance.

Budget Friendly

Since metal doors require little maintenance and do not suffer much wear and tear, they are a cost-effective investment that does not need to be replaced too often.


No, hollow metal doors need not wear a boring look. In fact, metal doors can easily become a focal point to adorn your entrance. With a plethora of finishes and textures available to decorate a boring metal frame, your metal doors can easily grab eyeballs and become a star 


Hollow metal doors are composed of a steel frame with steel panels laminated on all sides and designed with hinge mounting points. There is a pocket for mortise lock. Some doors may be furnished with a stainless steel finish, wood veneer, or laminate for aesthetic appeal.


When the need of the hour is to secure your commercial building project, look no further than hollow doors and frames for their security and durability. Element Locksmith prides itself on is expertise in metal door installation. You can trust us to install hollow metal doors and frames in your interior or exterior applications. 

We supply hollow metal doors and frames in different styles and sizes from top manufacturers. We boast a team of licensed door installation technicians who are skilled in installing all types of hollow metal doors at your commercial establishment. Let us leverage our experience in determining the best type of hollow metal door for you. 

You can trust our expert door technicians for fast installation in an efficient and professional manner so you can experience peace of mind for years to come. We offer budget friendly, competitive doors and frame installation solutions. Our team arrives at your location equipped with all the important equipment to install your hollow metal door.

The Choice is Yours

Hollow metal doors are a security workhorse. You may choose hollow metal doors and frames in different sizes and styles to secure your commercial opening. There are plenty of options to choose from. You may want to choose one with a promise of sophistication and safety without any compromise on quality, sustainability, and durability. Hollow metal doors are fantastic entrance solutions with a high potential for insulation and heat resistance,

Our selection of doors includes top-quality entrance solutions that have been designed to fit different hinge spacing needs. Our door installation experts are quick to respond to your needs and are known for a quick turnaround. Trust us to quickly and efficiently install your entrance solutions for your commercial setup to minimize disruption in work.

Hollow metal doors offer strength and security to your commercial building entrance. Additionally, they have a better fire rating than other types of doors. They are just perfect for stairways and an ideal choice for any doorway with a lot of foot traffic and will stand the test of time more than other varieties of doors.

We have all types of hollow metal doors that catch your fancy. You can find one with glass options for a better aesthetic appeal. But if your focus is more on security than aesthetics, go for the more affordable solid slab that serves the purpose of securing your entrance better.

Also known as commercial steel doors, hollow metal doors are designed in different styles and sizes. You may feel overwhelmed to choose from a variety heights and widths. Explore our wide range of hollow steel doors that come with a promise of durability, security, and aesthetics. 

At Element Locksmith, we understand that matching hinge patterns to your existing door frame might be a challenge. Luckily, we have a stock of steel doors engineered to a multitude of hinge spacing. We can supply the one that works for you. The goal is to make the replacement door look original. We do that efficiently. 

As a member of the Steel Door Institute, we bring you products from the leading SDI Certified manufacturers that meet top standards in the hollow metal industry. Our extensive collection of metal doors includes:

  • Fire-rated
  • Acoustic
  • Blast resistant
  • Tornado resistant
  • Wood grain finish
  • Forced entry

Trust the experts when it comes to hollow metal doors and frames to secure your commercial structure. They look good and perform better too than their traditional counterparts.

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