Toyota Locksmith Services

Toyota Key Replacement in Seattle


Element Locksmith provides Toyota key replacement for all model years with a much lower cost from the dealership by saving you time and money for towing your car to a shop for key programming. Between 1998 and 2004 Toyota introduced the Immobilizer system which automatically cuts off the fuel delivery to the engine if it doesn’t recognize the correct key.  The design flaw of this system is that there is no external hookup for any diagnostic tools, so if you have lost your keys no dealership can help you in this scenario unless they replace the entire ECU engine control unit.  We can take apart the ECU engine control unit from your vehicle and connect it directly to the chip that controls the Immobilizer and programs your keys.  We can provide a labor intensive process on-site without you needing to buy a new ECU engine control unit from the dealership which costs over $1200.


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