Subaru Locksmith Services

Seattle Subaru Automotive Locksmith


Element Locksmith understands why Subaru are the beloved cars of the Pacific Northwest.  No matter the terrain, climate, or the number of passengers, Subaru is fantastic cars.  Furthermore,  gas mileage is excellent and mechanics love to repair them.  Subaru last a long time. As a result of this longevity a considerable amount of wear and tear gradually occurs with the keys, door locks and ignition.

Before 2005, Subaru used conventional keys, which do not have a microchip embedded in the head of the key.  Thus resulting in a lower price for servicing the locks and creating a new key.  With proper maintenance, the locks and keys should last the lifespan of your Subaru.  Since the 1980s until 2001 Subaru used a small key blank that was prone to break.  This is caused by regular usage that over time files the key down.  This problem can be prevented by having a new key cut by manufacturer specification with a key code that is tied to your VIN.  Please refrain from getting a copy from a hardware store for several reasons.  First,  the hardware store uses low-quality key blanks that easily snap in the locks and ignition which will force you to hire a Subaru locksmith to extract the broken key.  Second, a copy of a worn out key is another worn out key! Third,  the hardware store uses an automated key cutting machine that is imprecise thus worsening the quality of your key.


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