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Locksmith for Lexus Key & Ignition Related Problem

As an automotive locksmith professional in Seattle, we come across many Lexus ignition malfunctions, other makes who share the high-security ignition are plagued by similar issues. It is a common occurrence with high-security locks to have a higher failure rate than standard security automotive locks. The reason lays in the progress of achieving high security with laser cut keys – the industry has shifted to smaller and more accurate lock tumblers for high security and pick prevention which in return are more delicate and susceptible to malfunction.

Lexus Ignition Most Common Problems

Problem #1: Your Lexus key cannot be inserted into the ignition or will only go in halfway.
Problem #2: The key is inserted all the way into the ignition but will not turn or budge.

Answer: Possible scenarios include a bent key or damaged ignition.

Solution:  Check your key for visible damage or see if it is bent, in either scenario you are facing a key related issue and will require a new key cut and programmed. If you do not see any damage to the key, it is likely that your ignition is damaged and needs to be rebuilt by a licensed locksmith professional.

Ignition Problem vs. Steering Wheel Lock – Know The Difference

An ignition is a problem is when your steering wheel is unlocked, and your key is not turning.
If you steering wheel is locked, examine which direction your front wheels are turned. For example, if your front wheels are pointed to the right, apply turning pressure to the right (in the same direction your wheels are pointed to) while holding the turning pressure on the steering wheel and then try turning your key. If you key still does not turn, it is possible that you may have an ignition problem.

Affected Models 1990 – Current

  • Lexus ES 250 1990-1993
  • Lexus ES 300 1992-2003
  • Lexus ES 330 2004-2006
  • Lexus ES 350 2007-2016
  • Lexus GS 300/400 1993-2005
  • Lexus GS 430 2001-2005
  • Lexus GS 470 2003-2010
  • Lexus IS 300 2001-2005
  • Lexus LS 400/430 1990-2006
  • Lexus LX 450 1990-1998
  • Lexus LX 470 1998-2009
  • Lexus RX 300 2004-2009
  • Lexus RX 350 2004-2011
  • Lexus 450h 2010
  • Lexus SC 300/400 1990-2006
  • Lexus SC 430 2002-2011

Evaluating Your Options: Dealership vs. Professional Automotive Locksmith

At first, taking your Lexus to the dealership for your ignition rebuild may seem like a good idea. However if you consider towing your Lexus to the dealership, the time it takes to schedule an appointment, having your car repaired which may take several days,  and the cost of dealership labor/parts can be astronomical. Alternatively, hiring Element  Automotive Locksmith to assist you with your Lexus ignition rebuild has numerous advantages. First, we come to your location. Second, we schedule a time that is most convenient for you. Third, we can replace, repair, or rebuild your ignition for you on-site. Fourth, we are a locally owned and operated company and guarantee our work. Fifth, we can cut and program spare keys for you on-site.

At Element Locksmith, our professional technicians use ignition kits that are specifically designed to rebuild, repair, or re-key your Lexus ignition without the need to replace the entire lock housing and assembly. Furthermore, we match your repaired ignition with the original key codes that are tied to your VIN which allows you to get new keys and keep the same key for the door and ignition. Surprisingly, dealerships do not have this ability, as they only replace the entire lock housing and assembly and the keys they produce for you are not tied to your VIN which unfortunately forces you to either replace your ignition (again) in the event you lose your keys or need a spare. Note that the new keys the dealership makes for you will only work on the ignition while your old keys will only work for your doors hence you will be forced to carry two sets of keys.

When hiring a locksmith company in Seattle make sure you hire a licensed professional who knows what he/she is doing for your Lexus ignition. There have been reports of unprofessional service providers emptying the ignition from tumblers and leaving the ignition compromised with the risk of turning of while driving.

A reputable automobile locksmith company is locally owned which means when you call them, a real person who lives in your city answers the phone. Second, they give you a fee range quote on-site so you will not have any unexpected surprises when the bill is due. Third, they have a valid license, bonding, and insurance with the state. Fourth, they have a real website and have positive reviews on most social media platforms. At Element Locksmith, we comply with this criteria and are proud to be Seattle’s premier locksmith company.


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