Jaguar Locksmith in Seattle

Jaguar Locksmith in Seattle

Jaguar Seattle Locksmith is the only service provider for Jaguar keys in the King County area. Jaguar keys are completely different in comparison to most makes and models on the road today. Jaguars have a European type key. It’s called a tibbe key. Both Jaguar and Ford use this type of key.  Jaguar uses an 8 space version with cuts 1,3, and 4.  Ford uses 6 spaces with cuts 1,2,3, and 4.  Jaguar has an 8 space version with 4 cuts which equals a total of 32 cuts.  Ford has 6 spaces with 4 cuts which equals a total of 24 cuts.  This system requires a complete different approach: unique diagnostic tools, key types, and key cutting machines.

Jaguar Seattle Locksmith Convenience

Jaguar Seattle Locksmith, we are able to help you make a Jaguar key from scratch at any time and place of your convenience, saving you time and money. Compare this to calling the dealership. First, you have to tow your Jaguar to the dealership. Second, wait 2-3 days for a key to be ordered and programmed. Third, pay premium dealership prices. Call Jaguar Seattle Locksmith to help you avoid this long and stressful process. We are able to provide same day service for our Jaguar customers.

Jaguar Seattle Locksmith Technology

The technology of Jaguar Seattle Locksmith is unparalleled. Many consumers ask us on a daily basis are we able to make them a Jaguar tibbe key? The answer is a resounding yes. We have invested the capital in tools, machinery, and software so that we are prepared to meet your needs. We have specials tools that are specific to each Jaguar model to be able to read the cuts of the locks without disassembling any locks or damage to the vehicle. Our tools are of particular importance when he comes to Jaguar trunks and lockouts. Jaguar attempted to further strengthen the security by making sure that if the alarm is tripped the push-to-release trunk button (inside of the car) is disabled. As you can imagine this is a common problem. For example, if you have luggage in your trunk or you have locked your keys in your trunk. You can’t access your trunk from the inside of your car because the button has been disabled. This leaves you with two options. Tow your Jaguar to the dealership for them to make you a key which may take up to 3 days. Or call us and we will help you within minutes.