Locksmith 98144

Locksmith 98144 is a service that Element Locksmith provides for residents who live in the 98144 zip code of Seattle, Washington. Element Locksmith is located in the 98144 area and is able to provide fast, reliable, and professional service within minutes. If you live in the neighborhood you have probably seen our mobile service van zipping along to rescue another customer. We are proud to be locally owned and operated, that’s why when you call us a real locksmith technician located in your neighborhood answers the phone.

Locksmith 98144 by Element Locksmith is the only licensed, insured, and bonded locksmith in the 98144 zip code. Element Locksmith also complies with all of the FTC’s Guidelines On Finding A Locksmith. We work with the City of Seattle and King County.

Locksmith 98144 by Element Locksmith knows the pulse of this Central District neighborhood, modern homes are abound and we have the ability to install electronic keypad locks or if you are buying a Craftsman home we can help fortify your locks to ensure your family’s safety.

Commercial Locksmith 98144

Locksmith 98144 by Element Locksmith supports locally owned businesses in the Central District. Restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, flower shops, no matter the business we can help! Our professionally trained commercial locksmith technicians have the experience and skill to tackle any commercial hardware and security your business may need. We provide a wide variety of commercial hardware from commercial keypad locks, access cards, buzzers, security cameras, master re-key, high security locks, kick-in prevention, Doorjamb armor installation, opening safes, and combination change. Call Locksmith 98144 for fast and reliable service.

Residential Locksmith 98144

Locksmith 98144 by Element Locksmith. We live in a diverse and vibrant neighborhood  but sometimes you need some extra security. We have loads of options for your home. One way to boost your home’s security is by installing a deadbolt lock, without one your home is not secure. Movies depict criminals picking locks with high tech tools- this is far from reality. Most intruders used forced entry (like kicking in the door) to gain access into your home. A properly installed deadbolt by a trained locksmith can prevent this from happening to you.

Car Locksmith 98144

Locksmith 98144 by Element Locksmith provides automotive locksmith services including the following: micro-chip keys cut and programmed, high-security keys, key fob, proximity keys, ignition fix and replace, car lockouts, remote controls, Immobilizer re-flash, spare keys, and much more. We service most of the cars on the road today. Remember that we come to your location and make you a key so you don’t have to worry about towing, missing work, or renting a car when you care is stuck at the dealership for days. Call our expert locksmith technician today!

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