Honda Motorcycle Keys

Honda motorcycle keys can be made at your location without the need of towing. Our motorcycle locksmith specialist can create Honda motorcycle keys from scratch without taking apart or disassembling any locks of your motorcycle. If you lose your only key the only way to recover is by having a locksmith that specializes in Honda motorcycle keys. Unfortunately, the dealer from whom you purchased your motorcycle from does not keep key records, nor does Honda Motorcycle USA, but if you are reading this you already know that. After receiving countless calls from frustrated Honda motorcycle enthusiasts we decided to invest the time and money to purchase the tools in order to make you a freshly cut Honda motorcycle key at your location. Honda motorcycle keys use different key blanks. This page will discuss the Honda x265/HD109 key blank.

Honda Motorcycle Keys Basic Information

The models and years listed below use the same key blank and consists of 8 cuts on the key (please see image below). In most cases the ignition has 8 cuts and the gas cap and seat lock have 6 cuts or less. Therefore, taking apart the gas cap lock or seat lock will not help you create a key that will start the ignition because it is missing the 2 or more necessary cuts to make an ignition key. Hence, the importance of calling a Honda motorcycle locksmith specialist because he or she will be able to make you an ignition key that will work on all of the locks. Hiring a Honda motorcycle keys expert that uses specialty tools avoids taking apart any of the locks and causing damage.

Honda Motorcycle Keys Blanks Model & Years Covered x265/HD109

1997+: CBF 500/600, CBR 900, SFX 50, SH 50/100, SJ 100 Bali EX, ST 1000/1100
1999+: CBR 600/1100
2003+: CBR 600RR, CBR 900, Hornet
1997-2003: CBR 900RR
2000+: CBR 929, VFR Interceptor
2002 +: CBR 954 / 1000
1997-1999: CBR 1000F
1999-2007: CBR 1100XX
2001+: DN-01, Silver Wing, Super Hawk, 919, ST1300, 599, Big Rukus
1997-2005: Firestorm
2005+: Forza
1997-1998: NTV 650
1997-2000: NX 650
2001+: Silver Wing
2004+: SJ 50 Bali
1996-2000: Super Blackbird
1997-2005: SuperHawk, VTR, 1000F


Honda Motorcycle Keys and locksmith Seatttle

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