Electronic Keypad Lock Seattle

Element Locksmith provides and installs a wide variety of electronic keypad locks for your home and business. This video demonstrates installation of an electronic keypad lock by Samsung. The model and make of this lock is recommended for homes, apartments, condos, or townhomes. The are numerous benefits of installing an electronic keypad lock in your residence. First, you never have to worry about ever losing your key! Second, you have the capability to manage codes for multiple users. For example, your dog walker, the babysitter, guests or relatives staying with you, etc. Third, you can control this electronic keypad lock with an RFID card. Fourth, electronic keypads require very little maintenance and are extremely user friendly; other than changing the batteries, not much can go wrong or needs replacing if properly installed.

Key features: digital deadbolt, RFID card/PIN codes (up to 70), sleek and smart styling, built-in magnetic sensor, one-touch anti-theft setup, selectable single/double security verification, and random security code.

Element Locksmith provides complimentary Walk-Through Service of your residence and can recommend which electronic keypad is best for your needs. Please call us today at (206) 673-3376.



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